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Why choose RunBox SGS for your Switchable Glass?

RunBox is the most competitively priced switchable privacy glass supplier in the USA. We did not sacrifice quality to do this. We maintain the highest quality switchable glass while offering you the most competitive price in the market. All of our glass quotes are ALWAYS Low Iron Tempered glass and yet we are still more affordable than others. For many years you could expect to pay $100-$130 per sqft. Well, not anymore. The truth is out. Don’t let anyone convince you that you need to pay these prices anymore. Please give us the chance to quote your next project.

Laminated Smart Glass

- Safety Laminated Flat Glass

- Safety Laminated Curved Glass



Laminated Glass or Retrofit Applied Film

Samples are available for Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Installers and Project owners. We specialize in commercial projects for tenant improvement, hospitality, medical and work space environments.  Residential projects will be considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact us today for a quote or to just discuss your project.  We will guide you though the process and help you determine if Switchable Privacy Glass is right for your project.


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